Project Description

A jewel in the Sunbuild crown, the MBANT Excellence award winning RDH Multi–Storey Carpark provided Territorians with much needed carparking facilities surrounding the local hospital.

Sunbuild’s vision and innovative thinking transformed this project from a traditional ramped 2.7m floor-to-floor carpark, to a forward-thinking internal floor-to-floor 3.3m flat structure with external ramps. This design revision enables the client to convert the structure into offices or medical suites in the future and offers a 20-year warranty on all elements including roofing, structural steel, concrete and concrete floors.

As proud supporters of the local indigenous community and furthering engagement and skill development, Sunbuild employed in excess of 30% or one third of all labour hire and construction activities from the local indigenous community.

The Northern Territory Government extended the project post awarded tender to include an additional level and Sunbuild completed the project 2 months ahead of schedule.