Project Description

Proving there are no limits to Sunbuild’s remit, the company not only took on a project for the defence force, but also completed the project in challenging conditions and was rewarded with a TCA President’s Award.

Briefed to provide a 150-person camp to accommodate personnel for training, Sunbuild delivered generators, septic systems, piping bore water to head tanks, car park, kitchen, toilets, mess and admin building.

The camp also featured five training ranges including sneaker lanes, gallery range, snap range, section defence range and assault grenade range. The ranges were linked together with 8km of roads, which involved 19 floodways and a steep ridge crossing.

The brief was general but the construction period was extremely tight, with delivery required before the wet season. This is where Sunbuild’s legendary stakeholder management and liaison made the difference. Working closely with defence personnel, Sunbuild progressively staged the design, drawing on sections of work to ensure prompt completion.

The outstanding result has been claimed by many in the defence ranks to be “the best they have seen.”