Project Description

Sunbuild considers this project to be one of its most outstanding achievements. Logistically, the Darwin Abattoir is a massive undertaking and a testament to our company’s firm relationships with stakeholders and the management of resources.

While Sunbuild supervised a significant budget of $30 million worth of construction, a further $50 million in external contracts required our team’s management. With the input of 600 tradespeople and contractors, this project alone significantly developed talent, relationships and quality of the construction industry in the Territory.

Constructed for the Australian Agricultural Company, the $80 million project required an extensive six-month design period and included 13 separate specialised buildings, all-interfacing to create a complete meat processing facility.

The finished project is a world class complex facilitating every requirement of the client, from the delivery of live cattle to the export of frozen beef products and the handling of all waste and by-products.

Incredible planning and attention to detail was needed in order to satisfy specific requirements across the project from the supply of 43o, 65o and 85o water, steam, compressed air and gas to suit the specialised equipment. Design required quality installations from concreting, structural steel and refrigeration panels to stainless steel piped services.

Keeping the project on time was critical to its success and necessitated strict management of both interstate and international contractors while the acquirement and implementation of equipment had to be planned months in advance.

It’s no wonder Sunbuild’s Directors consider this MBA award winning project to be a crowning achievement.